Memories of Picture House Luton

Residents of Luton have watched the development of the Picture House Apartments with great interest – and with some trepidation, with some voicing concerns that the much-loved historical frontage would be lost or knocked down to make way for modern homes. Now that the development is underway, locals with a lasting fondness for the art deco landmark will be thrilled to see not only that the popular, eye catching frontage remains a landmark of the town, but the homes within have maintained an artful reflection of the ‘roaring thirties’ era in which the building was initially erected, and showcase a glamorous finish which embodies some of the former lives the building housed.

Initially built as a cinema, the building has also housed a busy Bingo hall and, later, a series of popular nightclubs which those who grew up in Luton will no doubt have visited many times. The location of many first dates, budding romances, celebrations with family and friends, big wins and cosy movie nights, what now a beautiful housing has shaped the personal history of many Luton residents.

The Odeon and Ritz cinema and theatre spaces within were once even the location for Beatles gigs, historical events which had queues curling 100’s deep around the streets, eager to see the already very popular band perform.