How your home looks from the outside can be just as, if not more, important than how it looks on the inside. We all make first impressions, and when you only have moments to wow potential buyers you never want to miss a trick. Kerb appeal is a term used to describe your home’s appeal as you stand and look at it from the pavement. It’s that picture perfect moment when your house has the opportunity to scream ‘home’ to a potential buyer and can have a big influence on their decision to buy or not. Adding kerb appeal is one of the best ways you can get your home ready for sale and we have some fantastic subtle changes you can make to boost yours.

Spring clean

Years of living in a home can easily lead to a build-up of clutter that you don’t even realise you have, so before you do anything else, now is the perfect time to spring clean. To successfully sell your home you should never ignore any area, especially the first parts a buyer will see when they arrive on a viewing. Tidy away any weeds, dead plants and shrubs, undertake any repairs and clean away everything that doesn’t belong.

Add decorative elements

Old or new, you can give your home character and add a unique touch with a decorative element or two. One of the most popular features over the last year has been outdoor metal wall décor, from signs to symbols – it just adds that little something extra. It doesn’t matter if your house opens onto the street or you have an enclosed lawn area, any outdoor space can be transformed with a little imagination and creativity. If you can’t place a planter by your front door, what about a window box?

Make a statement

Your front door is the focal point of your home, it’s where the eye is drawn when someone passes by and can say a lot about a property. You want your front door to make a statement, one that exudes that what’s inside has been lovingly cared for. Ditch any tired façade and freshen up with a good clean and a bold paint colour that is in-keeping with your home’s architectural style. Check any covenants in case you need to stick to a required palette, from heritage shades to bright colours, keep it simple.

Room for a seat?

There is something about a bench or a seat at the front of a property that adds to that sense of ‘home’. This may not be possible for a lot of properties but if yours has the room consider adding a little something, combined with a couple of planters blooming with colour and you’ve created an area that people will want to enjoy.

Clean your gutters

There is one sure fire way for your home to give a bad first impression and that is through poor house maintenance, such as clogged or dripping gutters. If you are unable to do this job yourself, there are plenty of people locally who can, just ask our team for a recommendation. Potential buyers are drawn to homes that are well maintained rather than those that scream pound signs around every turn.

Paint and Power

Our wonderful British weather can make all surfaces look a bit weathered, whether it is a concrete step, a paved drive or a painted windowsill. Freshen up any painted concrete areas so they are looking pristine but make sure the colour matches the exterior or your home. Power wash paved areas – it’s amazing how quickly they can start looking like new. Don’t forget to clean all your windows too.

A garden in bloom

No matter what the season, you want any garden area to be looking its best, from your lawn to beds to pots, no area should be ignored. Give your lawn some love so that it’s looking green and luscious rather than brown and patchy. Invest in some seasonal plants and shrubs that will add colour even during the colder months; presenting a garden that is easy to care for will appeal to a wider range of buyers.

Add a light

The darker months are on their way, and even this summer we have had dark and grey days, so adding a great looking light at the front of your home goes a long way. It can complement the look and feel of your home as well as creating a warm welcome, regardless of what time of day a viewing takes place.

House number

Can you imagine how frustrating it could be for a buyer to not be able to find your home because they can’t see the house number? Your existing number could be chipped or faded, so why not upgrade to new digits to really make your home stand out? You could opt for traditional numbers on your door or for a contemporary or slate sign, just make sure it is cohesive with your home’s exterior décor.

Attract more buyers

If you wander around your neighbourhood you will notice those properties that command attention and those that fade into the background. Get your home’s kerb appeal right and you are bound to attract more potential buyers and get your home sold quickly. For more advice on how to get your home ready for sale, contact our team at Deakin-White.


There is nothing more exciting – or stressful – than seeing your moving date start to rush towards you. You have been looking forward to the day you can step foot in your new home, but you also look around you and feel overwhelmed. How will you be ready in time? It is always advisable to plan ahead, and we have some great tips that will make moving home less stressful by helping you to avoid some common and exhausting mistakes.

Don’t wait until the last minute

Have you started to prepare for your move? It is never too soon to get started – there are things you can do even before you place your home on the market. If you do a little here and there, the whole process won’t feel so insurmountable and, as your moving date approaches, you will feel a lot calmer. No matter where you are in the sales process one thing you can do now is start organising your move by decluttering.

Start decluttering now

Whether your home is yet to be placed on the market or you are in the midst of the sales process, it is never too early to start decluttering. We all accumulate a wealth of stuff over the years, from things that have moved into the attic never to be seen again, to drawers full of mystery, and do we mention those clothes that you’ll never wear again? Do you really want every tiny thing in to find its way to your new home, only to be stuffed away again?

This is a job you can do little by little; you may have a spare 10 minutes to sort out a drawer, or an afternoon to organise a bedroom. Sort things into:

* Keeping – will need before we move

* Keeping – but can pack it now ready for our move

* Donate

* Sell

* Bin

When you start to put things back, you will have less to do, which will help should you be looking to stage your home for sale. You will have some boxes already packed for your move, which means less to pack when the time comes. Make sure you label your boxes clearly, as this will make things a lot easier when you’re unpacking at the other end.

Forgetting to measure

You are no doubt taking a lot, if not all of your existing furniture, from your current home to your new one, but have you checked that it will all actually fit? It’s funny how our minds can play tricks on us and resize spaces or furniture when the reality can be a little bit different. If you haven’t already done so, organise a time to view your new home again but this time with a tape measure. This way, you will know for sure what furniture you can take with you, and what pieces you may have to get rid of before your move. This is far less stressful than arriving with a van full of your belongings and realising that the vision you had in your head cannot be achieved and then being left with things that won’t fit whilst you’re trying to make your new house feel like home.

Not organising your change of address

In the UK, we are lucky that Royal Mail can redirect post for a set amount of time, thus giving you some breathing space to check that you have changed your address on everything. As great as this is, it is still advantageous to plan your change of address in advance, even if companies won’t actually let you do it until after your move.

Start by making a list, from banks and subscriptions to the electoral roll. When you have a list to work through, it can make the process a lot easier and less time consuming. It is worth starting your list sooner rather than later as some organisations may only communicate with you a couple of times a year, whereas you may hear from others monthly.

Doing everything yourself

The idea of doing the whole move yourself can be attractive, especially if you’re only moving a short distance, but there is a lot more work than you could imagine. Yes, moving your possessions yourself could save you money compared to hiring a professional removal company, but it isn’t an easy job. Friends may offer to help you with your furniture, but bear in mind life happens and you could get let down at the last minute.

Moving furniture isn’t easy, and you will be moving a lot of it, plus boxes and general ‘stuff’ throughout the day. As the day moves on and you begin to tire, you will be more susceptible to injuries, or even an accident where something gets broken. There is knack to packing a van, knowing what to place where and how to make the best use of the space to protect belongings and ensure nothing is damaged in transit. A removal company will have the right equipment to protect any expensive furnishings and will make sure everything is packed correctly.

There are a wealth of removal companies locally, our past clients can share their thoughts and ask on local Facebook pages and groups for recommendations. It is worth investigating as this is one easy way of eliminating a physically and mentally exhausting moving mistake.

Not preparing to move with kids and pets

Moving day will be stressful enough without the added worry of what your children and pets are up to and if they are safe.  It will be difficult to keep them occupied whilst your attention is taken in another direction. Can your pets be cared for at a pet day care facility, and your children left with a friend of relative? They can have a day of fun and you can focus on your move. 

A smoother move

At Deakin-White we want to ensure your move to your new home isn’t exhausting and stressful, but smooth and enjoyable.  If you’re looking to move, we can make sure you have a wonderful experience from start to finish. Call our team today.

There can be an unrealistic notion that anyone selling their home is desperate to move, the reality is often quite different. Your decision to move could very well be a practical one. You haven’t fallen out of love with your home; on the contrary, you can’t imagine living anywhere else. But the pandemic, your stage in life, or circumstances have led you to make the heart-wrenching decision to find a new home. At Deakin-White we want you to know that we understand the anguish of selling a house that still feels like home, and we have some tips to make this big life change a bit easier.

The Memories

How many firsts has your home seen? The celebrations, the tears, the laughter and love. You can no doubt play a movie in your mind of what each room has borne witness to over the years – as they say, if walls could talk… Memories are so powerful, something as minor as a particular scent can spark an instant memory and with it a whole lot of emotions. That’s what the thought of leaving will be doing to you right now, filling you with an abundance of emotions.

As difficult as this move may feel right now, nobody can take away your memories – they will travel with you wherever you go. Instead of focusing on what you will miss, try and concentrate your attention on the joy that this house has brought you over the years. Talk about the fun times and keep the memories alive, but don’t let them hold you back otherwise this could hinder your sale and your experience of this move.

When selling a house that still feels like home, it can be difficult to keep your attention on what is needed to benefit the sale. Your home may seem perfect as it is, but you need to try and see it from a buyer’s point of view. Could a lick of paint brighten a tired space? What about if you decluttered your kitchen and organised your garage? Every action you take to benefit the sale will also aid your future, as it will help you achieve a higher offer giving you those extra pennies to take to your new home.

You’re Not Allowed to Move!

Just as it’s difficult for you to say goodbye, it could also be a wrench for your grownup children, especially if it’s a home they spent a lot of their childhood in. We have heard from many sellers in this situation, who tell us their children have forbidden them from moving. You know deep down they just want the best for you, their sentiment towards this property could be stronger if they see it as a stable thing in their life, that place they can always go back to and will always be ‘home’ for them.

Discuss the move with your children as early as possible, so they have time to work through their emotions as you do. They love you and know the benefits of this move. From our experience, after a couple of years in your new home, they will be extremely happy that you made the right decision for you!

We Feel Part of a Family

You have the most amazing neighbours that, over the years, have come to feel like family – celebrating together, supporting each other, and of course the parties! When you leave your house, you are also moving away from a community that has shown you so much love. This can be difficult to come to terms with, but true friends will be there for you no matter what. As we move through life, people come and go, and you never know who you will meet in this next chapter of your adventure!

Will I Feel at Home?

One stumbling block many sellers in this situation worry about is whether they will find another house that will feel like home. You need to go on your search with an open mind and see properties that you would never have dreamed of viewing – a complete change could be exactly what you need. Never try to find the same exact home in a different size or location, because it will never quite be its equal.

There will be a house out there that gives you ‘that feeling’ when you walk through the door, and slowly but surely, as the days and months pass, this new house will start to feel like home.

Always Look Forwards

It’s hard not to reminisce or look back when you are thinking of leaving a house that still feels like home, but if you stay there, you could hinder a potential move. Keep your eyes on your ‘why’ for moving and see it as the exciting next step you are envisioning. Yes, you will have emotional days, but when you look back in years to come, you will be thankful that you had the courage to make that move when you did.

No matter what your motivation for moving, we are here to help you make it as smooth as possible. Give our wonderful team a call

A Deakin-White back-to-school guide for selling your home.

It’s that time of year where the summer holidays seem to be racing through our fingertips, and the start of the new school year is upon us. It’s also the time of year where many seek to place their home on the market in the hope that they can be enjoying Christmas in their new abode. Just as you’re getting things in place for your child’s new term, you should also be getting organised if you wish to sell your home this autumn. That’s why we have put together this back-to-school guide for selling your home - we don’t want you getting a detention!

Smart and presentable

Many children will be starting a new school and will have a brand-new uniform for their first day. Regardless of what they look like when they come home, you want them to arrive looking smart and presentable. Just as you want your children to give a good first impression at school, so do you for your home when you are preparing it for sale. No matter how it looks in normal daily life, the first impression you want buyers to have is of a beautifully organised home ready for them to make their own.

Getting to know you

From teachers to peers, it can be daunting at first getting to know others and working out who to trust. It can be the same when looking at which estate agent you want to represent you and your property when it comes onto the market. At Deakin-White we don’t just want to know about your home – by understanding your personal needs and circumstances we can provide a greater level of service. Every property has its weaknesses and strengths and it’s our job to utilise its unique personality to attract the right buyer and deliver you a successful outcome.

Addicted to stationery

Who didn’t used to pop to Woolworths to get all their pens, pencils, files and essential items for the start of the school year? It was a right of passage. You wanted to ensure that you’d thought of the small details as well as the big. This is exactly the thought process you should have when getting your home ready for a viewing. Don’t just ‘polish your shoes’, but really make your property shine by cleaning your windows and keeping surfaces clear of clutter. Then add those little finishing touches such as fresh flowers and perfectly placed accessories to bring your home to life.

Nervous and excited

Remember that feeling of the first day, whether it was at a new school or a new job, of being filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement. This is often how potential buyers feel when they arrive to view your property, and we want this feeling to continue long after they leave. This is why telling the story of your home is so essential – sharing your stories and memories in a way that provides them with an insight into what their lives could be like if they decided this was the house for them.

Listen to feedback

It can be hard to listen to feedback, whether on a Zoom parents’ evening about how your child has progressed through these difficult times, or what a buyer thought about your home during a viewing. Never make it personal – at the end of the day, we both want the same result, to see your home sold, and feedback is a great, constructive way to find out what buyers are thinking and discover any niggles that we can overcome. Issues can often be resolved, and by working together and using the feedback as a guide, we can find that ideal buyer quicker.

Out of your hands

When you sit down to take a test or exam, you do everything you can to achieve the highest score possible – but then the result is out of your hands. Once you have received an offer, we ask that you trust us to negotiate on your behalf. Our team are skilled negotiators who excel in achieving the best possible price for your property.

The best support

Having the best support around you can see you achieve even greater things at school, work and in life, and the same goes for selling your home. It isn’t just the choice of estate agent that is crucial to the success of your sale, but also your choice of solicitor, as it’s after the offer has been accepted that the real work begins. Always do your research so you know that you have the right team beside you who will ensure your move is smooth and successful.

Get it in on time

Getting an assignment or a piece of work in late is always met with disapproval, and could have knock-on effects. In a sale, not returning documentation or calls could create delays and even cause your sale to collapse, as parties get nervous and suspicious. You can’t use the ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse here – get your paperwork ready in advance so you can get it where it needs to be as quickly as possible.

Time to party

Every success should be celebrated, and you may already be planning the first party in your new home, bringing all your friends and family together at long last. We want to make sure that party happens, so contact our team today to get you through the gates of selling your home.

Are you hooked?

Like many across the UK, we have been completely swept up in Olympic fever, and what an incredible job our team are doing too. All the countless hours, weeks, years of sacrifice, training, and pushing themselves to the limits to achieve their dreams. You are on a similar journey, even though your dream goal may be different – you will have made sacrifices to save your deposit, you will have been learning about the buying process and the local property market, and be ready to meet the challenges that are set to face you. So to celebrate Team GB, we are going to share how to buy a home in Olympic style.

Leave the past behind you

You may have had a nightmare experience so far and, like many people in today’s market, you could be finding your search challenging. Your dream home could have slipped through your fingers – maybe you’ve been outbid, or had some other horrible experience that has left a bitter taste. Over in Tokyo there are athletes who have been plagued by injured or even had Covid twice – Tom Dean, not mentioning any names. Yet regardless of the events in their past, they have found a way to draw a line under them and live in the here and now.

Don’t let the past hinder your current search, see it as a fresh start and go for it with the same vigour (although possibly a little bit wiser) as you did on day one.

Never give up

13 years

4 Olympic games

1 gold medal

Yes, we are talking proudly of Tom Daley, of course. We have seen him grow from boy, to man, to a father, and yet through it all he has never given up. Does it really matter how many properties you see, how many estate agents you call and keep calling, how many viewings you attend? What matters at the end of it all is that you find your very own gold medal in your dream home.

Life goes on

Keeping with Tom Daley, he vows that his love for knitting and crocheting has kept him sane through the pressure and strain of competing in Tokyo. It’s not a hobby that you would typically expect for an athlete, but it shows that even when you have a dream you also need a distraction. If you put your sole focus on your search, you can become tunnel-visioned, with your requirements exhaustive and your expectations unrealistic.

Taking time away to just get on with normal life will allow you to keep the bigger picture in mind and, as such, you will have more of an open mind. Opening the door to a wider range of homes, we give you perspective – you could fall for something unexpected that ends up exceeding your dreams.

It’s not over until it’s over

What drama it is watching the Taekwondo – the way everything can change in the very last seconds. Although there has been heartbreak, they should all be incredibly proud. Buying a home can sometimes feel like you are in a Taekwondo match, as just when you think you are winning, something is thrown at you in the last second. Don’t panic, work with your team to make sure it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

It is a team effort

Speaking of teams, you need to make sure you have a winning one on your side. From mortgage brokers to conveyancers, everyone you choose to act on your behalf will have an impact on the speed and success of your home-buying journey. Olympic athletes have a very strong team around them, from coaches, to trainers, to – actually, that’s probably it. You don’t need a huge team working for you, but don’t underestimate the importance of working with the right people, as together they will make sure you succeed in buying that home of your dreams.

Be Adam Peaty

Do everything in your power to get the edge on all the other buyers around you. Get your mortgage in principle, become friends with all the estate agents, remind the agents what an amazing position you’re in and why you’re a buyer of Olympic proportions. When you put yourself in the gold medal position, you may find the process of finding your dream home that little bit easier.

If you believe you are a buyer with Olympic potential, call us today on and we will be pleased to help you find a gold medal worthy home.


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We have seen an extremely busy property market over the last 12 months. Buyers have been out in force and some houses have gone from listed to under offer in a matter of hours. This heightened activity has seen people battling for homes and, in some cases, making rushed decisions just so they can get their hands on somewhere to call home. Yet it’s not every day we buy a property and so, due to a lack of experience in this kind of purchase, there is going to be a level of anxiety about making such a huge life and economic decision. Buyers’ remorse is all too common, whether we’ve splurged on a new gadget, designer handbag or even a night out (yes, we can have these now!). Unlike ‘stuff’, a house is something you will be stuck with for a number of years, so if you are looking around the property you now own with regret, we have some tips to help you survive.

What is buyer’s remorse?

Buyers’ remorse is defined by psychologists as a type of cognitive dissonance, a battle of consumption. When you are thinking of buying something, there will be a war of opposing forces battling inside your head. The avoidance system will tell you to avoid taking risks, whereas the approach system is pushing you to do whatever makes you happy. When you have made your decision, you will go through a period of mental discomfort caused by these two conflicting sides.

I wonder if I really wanted this house?

I wonder whether I should have bought this house at all?

I wonder if I have made the right choice?

I wonder if I rushed into making a decision?

Your discomfort is going to be more severe buying a house than a phone, due to the size of the financial investment. As humans, we tend to rationalise the purchases we have made, telling ourselves it was the right financial decision, the house is in the ideal location. When we struggle to find a post-purchase rationalisation, we develop remorse. At Deakin-White we understand how soul-destroying these negative feelings can be, but we hope by looking at common issues in a different light, you will start to see you made the right decision after all.

Location, Location, Location

As we know location is really important when buying a new home. You may have had a dream street or village but feel you were priced out of the market there, and now you are regretting making this huge compromise. If you focus on what could have been rather than what you have, you may never truly settle in your new home, which is never a good place to be. Your preferred location has gone, but what do you really know about where you now live?

Get out exploring and chat to local businesses about what there is in the area that you can do or get involved in. The more connected you start to feel to the neighbourhood and community, the sooner this ‘not so good’ location could turn into something exciting and full of potential. You never truly know somewhere until you live there and start to embrace what is on offer, so get exploring.

The surprise project

Many buyers will purchase a property with the intention of undertaking works to make it their own, but some may quickly discover there is more to upgrade and repair in their new home than they had anticipated. This shock of a revelation can quickly see you starting to dislike your new home before you have had chance to live in it, and who can blame you? With the costs of maintenance and repairs not being something you had budgeted for, it can all feel completely overwhelming.

Take a moment and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yes, this home of your dreams could turn into a nightmare – but only if you let it win. Get the superficial jobs done first, a new lick of paint and a good spring clean, then just start to get to know your new home, quirks and all. You may have a jobs list as long as your arm but take it one at a time and, with each change, this home will start to become your own. If you are in the ideal location and the property is amazing, then celebrate – your doubts are all based on something that you can change and resolve.

The size isn’t right

Our minds can play tricks on us during viewings and you can leave with a perception of the property that may be an embellishment on reality. Room sizes can grow and shrink – you can arrive to find that the piece of furniture you wanted to place under the stairs doesn’t fit, or that your dining set looks lost in the grand room. No two homes are the same, and trying to fit one home inside another isn’t always the best option, even if it is the most economical.

Every home has a style of its own, whether that’s period or contemporary. Rooms can dictate how they want to be furnished and, as life changes, you may need to live in the space a different way. You may believe your new home is too big or too small, but as we know, it is actually just right – you just need to find that special furnishing solution to provide you with what you need.

Buyers’ remorse is normal

Unlike other remorseful purchases, we are afraid there is no return policy when you buy a home – you simply have to learn to live with your decision and turn your remorse into love. This won’t happen overnight, but by looking at things in a different way, getting to know your home and area more deeply, and finding a way to connect with your new home, you will hopefully come to see that the decision you made is the right one for now. And if you are still itching down the line, then give us a call and we can help you move.

We know that when you decide to put your property on the market the process can feel overwhelming – especially as it can be full of uncertainty. Where do you start? What do you need to do to your home to make sure it doesn’t linger on the market? Take this as your quick guide to those simple décor touches that can highlight and hide, and will help to get your home sold. They will make your house glow and appeal to buyers in the hope that it will be snapped up quickly.

What should you keep and ditch when selling your home?

Keep – Fresh flowers

There is nothing like fresh flowers to make a space feel warm and inviting, it gives the buyer the sense that you care about your home and how it is presented. Think about adding flowers to key spaces such as your dining table, maybe the kitchen island, the living room. You could even think about artificial or dried flowers, succulents or orchids to supplement your displays – a bunch of lavender on a pillow or in the bedroom is always a lovely touch.

Keep – Mirrors

Any room can benefit from a mirror. They brighten the space and can make it appear larger, which is amazing if you live in a smaller home. It’s not only hanging mirrors, think about adding some mirrored finishes – perhaps a vase, tiles, or even the odd piece of furniture, as when strategically placed they can easily enhance a room.

It is also worth thinking about replacing works of art with mirrors, as we all have our own tastes and should they not align with a potential buyer’s preferences it could subconsciously turn them off your home. Use a large wall mirror in a small room, as this adds dimension to the space making it more appealing, and place mirrors near windows so the space can benefit from the reflected light in the room.

Keep – New towels

Ditch – Used towels

Yes, towels. This may seem a strange conversation to have, just like which way the toilet roll should be placed (although the answer is always over, in case you’re curious). Bathrooms are one of those rooms that can win buyers over; they want to see a haven, a spa-like experience that makes them want to relax and ease their stresses away. And nothing screams luxury quite like fluffy new towels, which is why we recommend you purchase a couple that can be used for photographs and viewings.

These sacred towels are there for display purposes only – that is, until you move, then you can get the full experience of wrapping yourself in these glorious bundles of softness.

Keep – good lighting

One quick way your home can turn off buyers is to have no light shining in – there is nothing attractive about a dark and moody home. We would always recommend the rule of three when it comes to lighting your home – by this, we mean having three sources of artificial light per room, such as two table lamps and one floor lamp. Make sure you use clear, incandescent lightbulbs.

In addition, don’t forget to emphasise your home’s natural light – open all your curtains and blinds and cut back any trees that could be stopping light from flooding a room. A light-filled home is welcoming and will sell more quickly.

Keep – Blue

It has been scientifically proven that the colour blue can make people feel more relaxed and calm. That doesn’t mean that you need to grab a paint brush and start adding blue to your walls, as this could see buyers running. You can add blue in a more subtle way, such as adding a blue or teal cushion, a throw or even a planters in your garden.

Ditch – Politics, allegiances

We are all have our opinions, sports teams we support, and groups we may be aligned to. This is great, but not everyone will have the same viewpoint. You may be lucky and only have viewings from similar minded people, but what is more likely is that someone will view your home and instead of focusing on what your property has to offer, they will take away that you have different opinions. Where possible, neutralise your home so it can appeal to the widest number of buyers possible.

Ditch – Collections

You may be passionate about vinyl, be Star Wars obsessed or a Lego nut! But when it comes to preparing your home for sale, find a way to hide your collections or tone them down a lot. A lot of ‘things’ will not only make your home feel cluttered, making buyers think it lacks storage or is smaller than it actually is, but it will also make it hard for a buyer to envision themselves living there. This is never a good thing when you want to sell.

Ditch – The personal

We all have family photos and portraits displayed in our homes, and they are doing no harm – right? Actually, they can hinder your sale, as again buyers will only see you in this house and could struggle to picture themselves living there. It isn’t just photos but also medals, fridge magnets, costumes – anything that reveals too much about your personality or lifestyle. You should make space for buyers to imagine your house as their home.

When you buy a new home with us, you can be rest assured that you’re in good hands, from laying the first brick through to hundreds of quality checks. We’ll ensure your new home is exactly as you’d expect when we hand over the keys.

Deakin-White are proud to present a variety of new homes in Dunstable, Luton, Bow Brickhill, and Houghton Regis, Visit one of our brand new developments. Our show homes are open for you to experience first class build quality at your own pace. All you need to do is book a private appointment at a time that suits you. Our Sales Experts will be on hand to guide you through all the steps you need to take to help your move be as smooth as possible.

Book in a viewing at your ideal new home development with Deakin-White.

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