We are so proud to announce our latest feature, a Bedfordshire lifestyle paper that covers area events, restaurants, attractions, new businesses, and for sale properties. We have estimated readership of 25,000+ and distribute to local businesses and residential areas.


In the month of September we sold a record number of homes. With our stellar team we are set to break that goal for the month of October!


Many are still wondering, with two years passed since the vote, how fair it is to ask how Brexit has affected the property market.

In 2016, the housing market in the United Kingdom was valued at an estimated £6.79 trillion. This is a figure that is 3.65 times the level of GDP and as such, it is hugely important to the economy. There were negative predictions for the UK property market after the Brexit vote. Yet, house prices have risen since the EU vote. April 2018, the average price of property in the UK was classed as £226,906. This is a 3.9% rise on the April of 2017 figures and it is a 6.6% increase on the figure from the time of the European Union Referendum. In this regard, Brexit hasn’t had too much of a negative impact on the UK property market. UK housing market is in competitive shape, and there is no need for negativity or despair. We officially leave the EU in March 2019, and are hopeful that the outcome will produce even greater results for the housing market.



What is this? It is a £1 million capital fund, set aside from our Market Town Regeneration Fund, to deliver a high street improvement scheme that will revitalise market towns through improvements to shop fronts and tackling vacant retail units.

The scheme offers grants to high street businesses to make improvements to their business premises to create attractive shop frontages that attract more visitors and shoppers onto the high street. The scheme, which will be delivered from March 2018 takes a managed approach in partnership with town councils and this partnership will be critical to the success of the scheme. Taken from: (

We have seen great improvement to some of our favourite places on the High Street. We are focused on the outcome with such a big project, and fully support this endeavor for the town of Dunstable. This scheme will attract new buyers and provide more of a housing market. With such a vast plan in motion, Dunstable will be an even more up and coming town with a beautiful, modern, facelift.


October is the perfect month to start decorating for Autumn. With the changing of the leaves, it is appropriate to not only decorate the outside of the house but the inside as well. With this change of season brings festive wreaths, pumpkins, and harvest produce. These items bring a change not only in colour, but in warmth too. Try changing the colour of a focus wall in your house to a deep rust red, or a bright mustard yellow to add a pop of brightness before the winter months. A trendy metal to bring to your home this time of year is copper. With its shiny and bright tones, it adds coloured “heat” and also goes well with other metals. Copper is a reminder that this season constitutes transitions, not only for the weather, but for households to embrace this holiday time of year. Try copper dining table chargers or a nice vase, or a gilded fruit centrepiece. 

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