Advent Calendars

Stemming from 19th and 20th century German Lutherans, the Advent Calendar tradition is known by most. It leads one into blissful anticipation of the coming of Christmas, or for some, the birth of a Saviour, Jesus.

The more traditional calendars focus on a manager scene, or Jolly Old Sit Nick, and will often include the stormy and snowy weather most associated with Christmas. Modern twists often feature sports or technology but will still include the “flap” to open up to a window where it will feature a sport image, or a Christmas image. It can have a small gift such as chocolate or often they will be advent devotions, or it can have games or puzzles printed on them. 

24 Christmas sculptures in Hotel Chocolat signature 70% dark chocolate. Let the countdown begin! Vegan friendly!

These “windows” being displayed will often start on December 1st, with consecutive days following up until either the 24th day, or the 25th day, which is Christmas. Often these “doors” into the box set will be randomly assembled with no particular order, or will have them in line order from 1-25 for all of the days in counting.

John Lewis

Advent calendars are without a doubt, trendy. And in the modern-day search for the perfect countdown to Christmas, John Lewis has you covered. Whether it be a different gin each day, or a different toy for your child, these moments of short of respite are reminders of the season of more, and a joyful reminder that each day can be a surprise if we have a child like faith. 

The countdown to Christmas will be merry, warming and aromatic with this Edinburgh Gin Advent Calendar of 25 mini 5cl gin bottles. Enjoy a variety of tastes including clean, fresh and spicy on-the-nose gin. Delighting the palate of gin connoisseurs, hints of juniper, pine, floral, lavender, soft spice and citrus wait behind each calendar window.
May the force be with you this Christmas with the LEGO Star Wars 75213 Advent Calendar. Ensure a galactic Christmas as you countdown to the big day. Open a door every day to reveal 24 different LEGO Star Wars themed gifts. There are mini-figures, starships, vehicles and other collectables ready to surprise you!

John Lewis as many know, take the season of Christmas seriously. Their advent calendar section also shows not relent on this and the festive fun continues with a different pair of socks each day, or a range of fashion friendly beauty products. Calendars such as the advent are a uniting piece of hope that can assemble everyone together to see the prize or the gift. The moments captured bring life to the home, much like the season of Christmas itself does, and brings the fun of "getting" to a new level. As much fun as getting is, we all know that giving is much better, and gifting an advent calendar is the epitome of fun, as you can see your recipient open a present for 24 days instead of the one.

Discover a selection of new and iconic beauty treats in the countdown to Christmas with our indulgent Beauty Advent Calendar. A delightful gift for beauty enthusiasts or to treat yourself, our collection of 25 full and luxury trial size products is brimming with radiant skincare heroes, makeup must-haves and beautifully scented fragrance favourites. 

Many forms of advent take place, such as a Yule Christmas show, or a chocolate for each of the 24 days until Christmas, or a form of wording or encouragement to keep the peace until the end of the countdown. But young or old, these traditions form the Christmas Spirit that captivated us when we were children, and still hold us captive as adults.


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