The Christmas advertising race is in full swing, with brands vying for the title of the most memorable festive ad. From the much-anticipated John Lewis advert to the iconic sound of 'holidays are coming,' Christmas ads have become big business. In fact, Coca-Cola is widely credited with shaping the image of Father Christmas we know today, and brands continue to push the boundaries with creative and emotional campaigns. John Lewis, known for their tear-jerking ads, have taken a different approach this year with a fun and lighthearted campaign that has surprised and delighted viewers.

However, there is a valuable lesson that can be learnt from these million-pound festive adverts – the art of selling. Yes, just like brands compete to capture their audience's attention with creative campaigns, homeowners too need to make their property stand out to potential buyers. Our team at Deakin-White share the home-selling lessons we can learn from this year's Christmas adverts.

Let your traditions grow

Taking centre stage in the Christmas advert scene, John Lewis have consistently dominated with their heartwarming offerings. This year's ‘The Perfect Tree’ encourages us to embrace new traditions and trust in the beauty of change. Choosing to sell your home is a significant decision that can sometimes leave you uncertain. Holding on to the past can affect your potential for the future, leading to decisions that may not be in the best interests of the sale and could result in financial setbacks. Although you don't need to replace your festive evergreen with a musical carnivorous plant, accepting change can have its rewards, bringing about positive and healthy outcomes.

Become more Christmas

Tesco remind us that for many people 'the festive feels go way beyond the big day itself', which is why we need to … become more Christmas. When selling your home during the festive season, it's important to strike a balance between staging, festive décor and highlighting the best features of your property. It's easy to get carried away with your personal decorating style and inadvertently hide or overshadow key selling points. Keep in mind that potential buyers are looking for a place to call home, not just for Christmas but beyond the big day itself. So, create an inviting atmosphere that will make them fall in love with your property and envision themselves living there all year round.

One little girl asks one BIG question

One little girl asks one BIG question at Sainsbury's and is met with helpful suggestions from numerous staff members, providing her with ideas on what Father Christmas would appreciate this Christmas season. Not only does it provide us with a wealth of food ideas but reminds us that everyone has an opinion, and the same will be true when potential buyers come to view your home. Just because you love your property doesn't always mean that it will be right for everyone who comes through your door. It is important to listen to the feedback, even if you don't agree with it, as there may be a change or two you can make that will attract the right buyer.

Feel the connection

Vodafone's festive ad campaign focuses on the importance of connecting to the people and things that matter most this Christmas. Connections are essential for an estate agent; they need to build connections by engaging people through their own marketing and advertising and encourage news to spread through word of mouth. When you are looking for the right agent to sell your home, you need to be looking at not only the connections they have but those they continue to create. Is their marketing making you … feel the connection?

Joy ride

We couldn't write this piece without including Amazon's 'Joy Ride', which they describe as: a trio of life-long friends reliving the joy of their youth by sledging down a hill, proving that joyful moments are made even more special when they’re shared. Moving home may have some bumps in the road, which is why you need to take great care when choosing your conveyancer, mortgage broker and estate agent. If you have the right team by your side, the process of moving is smoother, so who wouldn't want a joy ride to their new home?


Do what you love

M&S want you to 'do what you love' this Christmas, and according to them it means ditching the things you're not that fond of. Choosing Deakin-White means we take on all the 'but we won't do that' bits of selling your home so you can do what you love during your move. To find out how we can add some magic and sparkle to selling your home, give us a call.

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